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Windows FAQ

  • What is the most cost effective window replacement?
    The most cost-effective window replacement selection is a Vinyl double-hung window with double-pane glass.  A more energy-efficient option that’s still budget-friendly and beautiful.


  • Does replacing windows increase home value?
    The National Association of Realtors 2023 Cost vs. Value report showed that replacing vinyl windows added an average of $13,766 to resale value wood windows added an average of $14,912 and fiberglass added an average of $18,753.


  • Can i save money by installing windows myself?
    DIY installation eliminates labor fees, which could save you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on how many windows you’re installing. However, improper installation can leave you with even costlier issues down the line. Professional installation by a certified licensed contractor is recommended for most people due to the complexity of the installation process and the potential for issues that can arise from incorrect installation


  • How do i know when its time to replace my windows?
    Replace your home’s windows if there’s damage to the glass or framing, your home is drafty, your energy bills are rising, you spot condensation between the window panes, your windows are letting in moisture, or your windows allow in more noise pollution than you’re okay with.


  • Should I Replace All my Windows at Once?
    Replacing all windows simultaneously can be more cost-effective and ensure a uniform appearance but isn't strictly necessary if only a few windows are problematic​​​​. Evaluate your budget and the condition of all windows. 

  • How do I choose the right type of windows for my home?
    Discuss options with your expert such as materials (vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum), styles (double-hung, casement, slider), and features (energy-efficient, low-E coating).


  • Should I get Low-E Glass Windows?
    Opting for Low-E glass can block UV and IR rays, reducing wear on interior fabrics, improving energy efficiency, and allowing natural light while protecting against the heat and cold​​.

  • How long does window installation take?
    A professional team can usually install 12-18 windows in a single-family home in about 1-3 days, depending on the complexity.


  • What kind of cleanup should i expect when getting windows?
    Professional installers typically cover the work area and clean up after the installation, but discuss expectations beforehand.


  • For new windows what kind of Maintenance is required?
    Regular cleaning and occasional hardware lubrication can extend window life. Inspect seals and weatherstripping annually.


  • Are there Financing or Rebate Programs for windows?
    Yes, Look for energy efficiency rebates from your township, city, state or federal tax credits, and financing options from licensed certified contractors or the window manufacturers.


  • Will new windows save on Energy Bills?
    Yes Energy-efficient windows can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, though exact savings depend on the climate, home insulation, and window types.


  • Why should I consider replacing my windows?
    Security, beauty, energy efficiency, improved home value, enhanced comfort, and noise reduction.


  • When's the Best Time for window Installation?
    Window replacement can be done at any time of the year, but warmer months are ideal for convenience and comfort. Planning and proper preparation can mitigate the challenges of colder weather installations​​.

  • How do I Prepare my home for window Installation?
    Prepare by clearing the work area, removing window treatments, decorations, protecting furniture, clearing the landscaping on the outside and ensuring the installation team has access to electrical outlets​​.

  • How is the Disposal of Old Windows handled?
    If you hire professionals for the installation, they will typically dispose of the old windows for you. If you're handling the installation yourself, consider recycling or repurposing them or finding a specialized dump to dispose them​​.


  • What kid of window Warranty will I get?
    Each manufacturer is different, inquire about the warranty that comes with your new windows. Look for comprehensive coverage that includes parts, labor, and service to ensure peace of mind with your investment​​.


  • Why should I consider replacing my windows?
    Security, beauty, energy efficiency, improved home value, enhanced comfort, and noise reduction.


  • What is the difference between replacement and new construction windows?
    replacement windows fit into existing jambs versus new construction windows requiring the original frame and siding to be removed.


  • How do i Measure for Replacement Windows?
    Measure the height and width from the inside of the existing frame at multiple points, and use the smallest measurement to ensure a proper fit. This is a key factor to ensuring the windows work properly. If your off you may not be able to use those windows and may need to get another set increasing the cost. We recommend getting a professional to measure and order windows.


  • Are there Eco-Friendly window Options?
    Yes you can Choose windows with sustainable materials and those certified by ENERGY STAR for environmental benefits.


  • How long does window ordering take?
    Depending on the manufacturer and window type between 2-12 months


  • What are Condensation Issues with my windows?
    Some condensation on the outside of the glass is normal, especially with high indoor humidity. Reduce indoor moisture sources and use fans or dehumidifiers if necessary.


  • How do I Check window Installation Quality?
    Properly installed windows should be airtight, operate smoothly, and have no gaps or misaligned parts. Use a reputable installer to ensure quality work.


  • How to Address window Problems after install?
    If issues arise, contact the installer or manufacturer according to the warranty terms. Keep records of all communications and work performed.


  • What do windows Typically Cost?

  • Costs vary widely based on material, size, and installation complexity. On average, $450-$4,500 per window, with labor.

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