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Discovering Fun and Adventure at Amazing Escape Room Edison in Edison, NJ

Located in the heart of Edison, New Jersey, Amazing Escape Room Edison offers a thrilling and immersive experience for those seeking adventure and challenge. This popular entertainment venue is part of the Amazing Escape Room franchise, known for its meticulously designed escape rooms that test participants' problem-solving skills, teamwork, and creativity. Information can be found here.

Unique Escape Room Themes

Excellent Escape Room Edison features various themed rooms, each with its unique storyline and set of puzzles. Themes range from historical mysteries and heist scenarios to fantasy adventures and sci-fi escapades. Popular rooms include "The Illusionist," where players must unravel the secrets of a magician’s workshop, and "Revenge of the Pharaoh," which challenges teams to escape an ancient Egyptian tomb. See here for information about Exploring the Edison Memorial Tower Corporation: Preserving Innovation in Edison, NJ.


How It Works

Participants are locked in a room and given a set amount of time, typically 60 minutes, to solve puzzles and riddles using clues and hints hidden throughout the room. Success requires keen observation, logical thinking, and effective communication among team members. Each room is designed to be challenging yet achievable, providing a sense of accomplishment when solving the puzzles.

Perfect for All Occasions

Amazing Escape Room Edison is an excellent destination for various occasions, including family outings, date nights, corporate team-building events, and birthday parties. The venue offers rooms suitable for all ages and skill levels, ensuring everyone can join the fun.

Community Engagement

The facility prides itself on providing the local community with a unique and engaging experience. Special events, seasonal themes, and promotions are frequently offered, adding variety and new challenges for repeat visitors.


Excellent Escape Room Edison in Edison, NJ, offers an exciting and engaging activity that brings people together in a fun and challenging environment. Whether you're looking to test your wits, strengthen team dynamics, or enjoy a unique form of entertainment, Amazing Escape Room Edison provides an unforgettable adventure that will leave you eager to return for more.

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